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Ron  Booth


I am a Bassist, Educator, Composer, Conductor, and Arranger. I taught Band for 29 years in the Franklin Public School District in Franklin, Wisconsin. I have Retired from teaching in 2014 to be a caregiver for my Dad & Brother.

I was born in Chicago, Illinois, and began learning how to play the Trumpet in sixth grade in Elementary School. I saw a childhood friend one day playing the Bass Guitar, and my parents started me on private Bass Lessons in eighth grade.

I attended Chicago Vocational High School (CVS), and was a member of the Music Program from 1972-1976. Of course, I also joined a Funk Band called the Disturbance Of Peace Band. We performed many venues throughout the City of Chicago.

I had the great opportunity of attending Kentucky State University, Frankfort, Kentucky from 1976-1981 where Composition and Arranging caught my eye with my teacher and mentor Dr. Dowell Taylor. I arranged many songs for the Marching Band at Kentucky State University! While at K.S.U, I was a member of the Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Band, and various Ensembles. My favorite music ensemble group was the "Pep Band". The Pep Band was set-up like a regular nine piece Funk Band under the leadership of George B. Stone. We were the opening act for Artist such as: Midnight Star, Chocolate Milk, Natalie Cole, Dazz Band, Atantic Starr, SOS Band, to name a few. The Pep Band later became the "Calculus II Band"!  I received my Bachelor's of Music Education Degree from Kentucky State University in 1981.

I joined the Army National Guard in 1984 and began to serve my country as an Army Musician. I did my music training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. and eventually landed with the Wisconsin Army National Guard Band, serving 12 years! In the Guard Band, I arranged and composed compositions in the Jazz & Concert platforms. I also did some conducting with the Army Band.

During my 1984 Army training, the Fall session opened for me to achieve a Master's of Music Education Degree from Jackson State University, Jackson, MS. I was surprised to see my friend & mentor Dr. Dowell Taylor as the "Sonic Boom of the South" Director of Bands. I received my Master's of Music Education Degree from Jackson State University in 1985.

At present, I am a Tunecore Artist, and I want to compose original music for the world to listen and enjoy. One day, I hope to hear some of my music on Television, Trailers, Movies, and in advertisement. 


June 1994 - Present

My music collaboration brother and Saxophone/Vocal extraordinaire BENNIE J. SMITH resides in Louisville, Kentucky. His Band "Bennie J. & Friends" perform concerts throughout the Kentucky Area and the midwest. Our first collaboration project was in 1994 with a CD Album called: "Get Live!" In 2014, it was redistributed under the title "I'll Be Right."

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Personal Profile

Ron Booth has always been musically gifted. From a young age, he was performing, and playing a variety of instruments. Now he is passionate about developing the technical musical skills and theoretical knowledge, and achieving the next level of success. Learn more about Ron Booth and his professional music journey.

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